About Us

Şenol Gıda San. A.Ş carries on its activities which has been ongoing for 35 years in a total area of 12,500 square meters of which 2,000 square meters is an indoor space. Şenol Gıda is an establishment that has been institutionalized and progressing by developing its manufacturing quality standards. Getting started the business with olive oil production, having major contributions to the industrial development and transformation to two phases, continuing its growth by its activities and new investments, with its 25,000 tons of processing capacity per year with waste utilization, and through elimination of environmental pollution, Şenol Gıda San. A.Ş serves to the introduction of new products which add value to the market. It continues to grow thanks to innovative and technological investments. Having the potential for branded production and exportation, and well known in its own region, Şenol Gıda is the first company to obtain the license and utility model to produce MOROVA Olive Pellet and MOROVA Aqueous Olive Pulp as additional animal feeds both in Turkey and in the world, in the field of Milk-Feed sector.

Our Company that has started the olive oil production in the year of 1978 under the name of Şenol Zeytinyağı Fabrikası (Şenol Olive Oil Factory) by means of a single aqueous press, then it has been transformed into an incorporated company in the year of 1985, and it has establish the very first automatic olive squeezing plant in its region through new technological investments made. Increasing product and service quality has made our company a preferred plant in the region.
Fruits of the production operations which give particular importance to product quality have been offered to the tastes of the consumers under the registered trademark of MOROVA, and marketing and export activities have begun in the year of 1994; and exports have been realized to many countries such as the United States of America, Norway, England, and Malaysia. With its increasing sales at the chain stores from 1997 to 1999, it has made a difference in the market and it
has proven the possibility of edible oil production in its region; thus it has become a model company.